Bullett Proof- Episode One FICM

Bullet Proof: Episode One-FICM

    Bullet Proof Diesel is known for its many solutions to Ford diesel issues. In these next few blogs we will be discussing the top five different components they have to fixing these issues. As to not overwhelm you with a lengthy article we’ll take it part by part.

    The fuel injection control module (FICM) does what its name implies, but we are here to break that down for you. When the vehicle is started or running the FICM will send an electrical impulse to the injectors. This action controls when and how much fuel is pushed to the engine cylinder in order to keep the vehicle running properly at its prime performance level. When this module begins to go bad it is quite obvious. It will be extremely difficult to start the vehicle, there will be a long crank before it kicks on. The truck will lose performance and see a loss in fuel economy. In addition there will be less than 48 volts of power running through the vehicle. It is imperative to replace the FICM as soon as possible to avoid not being able to start your truck all together when it is bad.

    The Bullet Proof FICM is designed with improvements to avoid these common failures. When a module starts to go bad it is usually caused by a low voltage battery. When there isn’t enough power left in the battery for the FICM to pull energy, the circuit board within the module will become damaged. What makes Bullet Proof better is the military grade electrical components to improve quality and durability, the upgraded circuit board to alleviate overheating, and an aluminum case to better dissipate heat as well.

Episode Two - EGR Coolers


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